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In this semester, in the class of fundamentos informaticas I learned so many thing  about technology and its advantages but as well their disadvantages. Not only that but as well why does it benefit us nowadays, its privacy and their systems where they keep all their information. I as well discovered and learned how to use new websites such as WordPress, Creative Commons, Bitly and many more.

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Kim Chungha

Kim Chungha is Korean solo artist that debuted with the song “Why Don’t You Know” on June 6, 2017 under MNH Entertainment. Chungha was in a girl group consisting of 11 girls called I.O.I  which sadly disbanded in January of 2017 due to their contract ending. She was born in South Korea but lived in Texas, Dallas for about 7/8 years where she learned to speak fluently in English. She trained for about 3 years but her dance training took her 6-7 years. Chungha is one of the most popular and known solo artist in Korea and some places in the world.

Kim Chungha fans and her fandom are called Byulharang since Byulha means to become a shining person like a high star and Harand means fly together meanwhile rang means to do something together.

Her official logo is a Crescent moon in multiple colors with her name written in a unique shape. These colors are mixed together in different shades.

Class Resume(November 5,2019)


“Sophistic Keychain” by bfishadow is licensed under CC BY 2.0

n today’s class we talked about the final presentation and the storages that computer have and had acquired. The professor gave a brief description of what we will have to do for this final presentation and as well united some of the groups which will now consist of six student in each group. He said that he is going to post the instructions for this presentation during the week on the class website Inf103 and I will also be leaving the list of the groups under this paragraph just in case if you couldn’t assist the class on November 5. After the discussion for the final presentation the professor started to talk about the spaces or storages that computer have been increasing. He also gave us a brief description and definition of what a CPU is which is a Central Processing Unit which in case is where the data gets processed. Finally he ended with what are Apps, why do we use them for mainly and their characteristics.

1. Inteligencia Artificial & Machine Learning < Leonardo + Carolina

2. Realidad Virtual y Augmentada <> Caroline + Leslie

3. Internet of Things (IoT) <> Aleksia + Adelmarie

4. Cloud Computing <> Iris + Odannys

5. 3D Printing <<3DP>> Francisco + Josiris

6. Medicina/fitness personalizados <> Lyan + Melvin

7. Bitcoin & monedas digitales <> Joseph + Marielmy

8. Big Data <> Lizangely + Aria

9. Robótica <> Laura H + Abdiel

10. Domótica (home automation) <> Natalia + Moses

11. Blockchain – Sara + Ivonne (Pr. final solamente)

Grupos Proyecto FINAL

G1: 1, 8, 9                          G3: 3, 4, 10

G2: 2, 5, 6 G4: 7, 11 + Dark Web  

Investigation: Domotica

Domotica or known in English as Home automation is the set of technologies applied to the control and intelligent automation of house, which allows the system to receive information to give order to the technology in the house to fit out desire and needs. Joel Spira creator of Home automation truly revealed his invention in the seventies. The first system was built in America but restricted to only being able to control the temperature and was only build specific buildings and offices but as the time and years have passed they have started applying these systems in houses and such.

Home automation is a wide and disperse system that has control over the things technological in the house or building such as the temperature, alarms , systems, lights and many more. This system can be used via a phone, tablet, computer and laptop.

These are the most used apps and one of the best said by customers

  • Houseinhand KNX
  • Nexho
  • ImperiHome



Twitter of Professional’s

Here’s a Video in case if you guys are curious

Home Automation

Me, Myself & I

Hello everyone I just wanted to say that I created a tiny slideshow for you guys about me in case if u wanted to know a little more about who I am and what I like and such. I put my email and social media in case you guys wanted to check them out as well. This slideshow may look basic but it has important thing about me in there such as favorite food or artist and etc.

I will leave a link to the one on google slide just in case if you guys cant see it from slideshow



ITZY had a comeback on July 28,2019 with the song “Icy”. Icy was released with it’s own MV and album named “It’z Icy”. The MV for this song achieved over 18.1 million views in 24 hours, but later on in October 2019 it hit 100 million views. This song also achieved seventh place in the Billboard charts and number one in K-Pop Hot 100.

ITZY~icy  mv(music video)

Icy was written by the owner of JYP Entertainment named J.Y. Park and song writer Penomeco. The lyrics consisting of “Icy but I’m on fire” and “Look at me, I’m not a liar” are used to build up the chorus and beat of the song. According to Tamar Herman, “may as well be known as the girl group anthem”.

ITZY~Dalla Dalla

Dalla Dalla is the debut song from the girl group Itzy, released by their company JYP Entertainment on February 12,2019. It was released with its own music video and its own digital single called IT’Z Different with a side track called “Want it?”. Right when the mv got out it achieved the highest number of views for K-Pop group debut video with 17.1 million views in 24 hours.

ITZY~ Dalla Dalla MV(Music Video)

In the MV(Music Video) for Dalla Dalla shows the different style of each member. Dalla means different in Korean which you can hear and read in the lyrics that say “I’m different from other kids/ Don’t try to measure me by your standards/ I love myself, I’m somewhat different, yeah/ I’m different from you”. Tamar Herman of Billboard called the track an ” empowering anthem, introducing ITZY as a alternative group compared with their peers” and as well as a “feisty and quick to shift tempos and genre”.


Hello and welcome to the first official post about what this blog is truly about Kpop groups and their songs.

Today I will be talking about the girl group Itzy. Itzy is under the management of a company called JYP. This girl group debuted on February 11, 2019 with their mini album called IT’z Different with the song Dalla Dalla. This group consist of five girls named Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong and Yuna.


Hwang Yeji or just by her stage name Yeji is the leader of the this group but not only that but she also is the main dancer, lead vocalist and lead rapper. She was born on May 26,2000 in Korea, Jeonju, she became a trainee in the year 2015 under JYP. Yeji was also known as JYP secret or hidden weopen.


Choi Lia or just Lia is the main vocalist and rapper of this girl group. She was born and attended the Seoul’s School of Performing Arts (SOPA) in Korea but she to lived in Canada  for a while where she learned how to speak english. Her stage name Lia comes from her english name Julia. She was also a former trainee for more then two years in SM Ent. and JYP.


Shin Ryujin or how she is mostly known as Ryujin is the main rapper, lead dancer, vocalist and center of the group. She was born in Korea and attends Hanlim Multi Art with Chaeryeong and Yuna but in different departments. She was offered to join the company YG but she decided to stay in JYP which she was a trainee for 4 years.


Lee Chaeryeong or just Chaeryeong( Chaer) for short is the main dancer, lead rapper and vocalist of  Itzy. She was born in Yongin, South Korea where she attends Hanlim Multi Art School. She has a sister named Chaeyeon in the girl group IZ*ONE’s and a younger sister Chaemin. She became a trainee in 2014 in which she trained for 5 years.


Shin Yuna or normally known as Yuna is the lead dancer, rapper vocalist, visual and maknae( The youngest one). She was born on December 9, 2003 in Korea where she attends Hanlim Multi Art. She was a trainee for about 3 years.


Hello my fellow readers, I know this doesn’t have to do with anything with the main idea of my blog but I felt like its very important that I mention this matter.  Its very important that protect ourselves from people trying to break into accounts whether in real life or through the Web. I find it very difficult to believe that people would go through so much trouble just to crack your password for they can access all that you have. People in this world would do nothing to take everything from  you, to destroy it all or even pretend to be you. I consider this matter very problematic since they look for ways to try to enter your accounts from social medias to even bank accounts, this problem has no solutions but at least we can slow down the people trying to break in with longer passwords and hiding our information better. I once read somewhere I don’t remember where but it was about a girl who was hacked more then six times and that she knows how to handle these problems and such. She once said that from Italy there was a purchase made for a furniture that cost 6,000 dollars and thanks to these thieves she wrote that her father died trying to fix all these account problems and such that they made. This problem really has gotten out of hand and knowing that someone can hack us at any moment from anywhere is very scary since it can bring not only us down but as well as everyone around us. 

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